Wholesale Distributors

For many years we have worked with wholesale distributors to help them manage risk and place specialized insurance to deal with their unique needs. The one area of risk management we always recommend distributors explore is the California DMV Employee Pull Notice program. The Pull program will notify you when a driver has the following actions/activities added to their driver record:

  • Convictions
  • Failure to Appear
  • Accidents
  • Drivers License Suspensions or Revocations
  • Any other actions taken against the driving privileage

This helps your company avoid punitive damage awards because it allows you to remove dangerous drivers from the supply chain.

Specialty Coverage

Other specialized coverages including property, GL and auto programs that have industry specific mechanisms such as:

  • Monthly inventory reporting to charge for actual exposure
  • Equipment breakdown protection (Including spoilage coverage) for refrigerated products
  • Foreign Products coverage
  • Discontinued Products coverage
  • Product Recall
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Specialized captive business auto program

In addition to insurance we also can provide you access to risk management tools such as Driver training programs and Fleet Safety pamphlets.

Reach out to Thompson insurance to learn how we can help your wholesale distribution company manage its risk and insurance needs.